Spiritual Path

What is the Knowledge of Divine Truth?

Evolution to Involution – Sanskaras, Reincarnation & Karma

There are two types of Sanskaras, natural and non-natural. Sanskaras are Impressions stored in the mind through experiences in this or previous lives. All life and human actions are based in ones nature, responses and state of mind. In States of Consciousness there are different and divided impressions and experiences.

The process of reincarnation is to enable the mind to eliminate the sanskaras/impressions by going through the fire of pain and pleasure. The struggle to unburden these finite impressions is one that takes place through opposite impressions and is the process of reincarnation. In the process of reincarnation through the mind of persons which are consistently though unconsciously used, must experience opposites so that the impressions of opposites gradually become fainter and fainter.

It is the process of deaths and births in human form that leads to involution of consciousness and it is a very long process of unfailing reincarnations to gradually dissociate from experiencing the impressions of opposites of the world. In order to remove the impressions that the mind contains the process of reincarnation and the consciousness of involution must be followed through.

Karma is good or bad, it can bind you or it can free you leading to Self Realization. Karma binds as long as it feeds the ego mind with wrong understanding. The power of Karma from right understanding brings freedom and wears out the ego mind. It doesn’t help to reincarnate if you still don’t know who you truly are with your next birth. The space between death and birth is as important as the space between birth and death. Evolution of Consciousness is complete when you are born into the first human form.

Seven Centers of Consciousness

    1. Security Center, This center pertains to the affairs of the world. Material knowledge is external and forces your thoughts to fight to get enough from the world, so you can personally feel secure. Material knowledge is gained naturally or acquired through study. This is a never ending battle to get enough.
    2. Sensation Center, This centers concern is with finding happiness in life. Providing your self with activities that bring more and better pleasurable sensations, such as sex, drugs, food, work etc. etc. Know that anything can become an addiction.
    3. Power Center, This Center is focused on your dominating people and situations, such as wealth, pride, manipulation and control. This is also known as ego. The ego does serve a purpose of stability to conscious processes and can secure a balance for a planned and organized life. It is a mistake to imagine the ego is without any purpose. The ego consciousness arises only to vanish in the end it is a temporary need and should not be ignored in the journey of the soul.
    4. The Love Center, This center is the beginning of love and acceptance of everyone including your self. You begin learning to work with subject-object relationships with a feeling of harmony, flow and acceptance. In human love there are lower forms that obstruct the release of pure love. Human love is for the many in the one and has diverse, delicate differences and can lead to innumerable complications, tangles and desires. Love has to spring spontaneously from within it cannot be forced.
    5. Cornucopia Center, This center is consciousness that you experience living and creating a perfect world which can help you get free of emotional demands and rethink your addictions so you can enjoy the happiness of life right now.
    6. Conscious-Awareness Center, This center of centers is free from fear, vulnerability and non-judgment. You are the witness who learns to impartially observe the drama of your social roles, body and mind as you play the game of life.
    7. Universal Consciousness Center, This is a shift in perception into unconditional love and acceptance with everything and everyone. Serving others is the only thing that has any real worth while releasing inner knowledge and guidance for the benefit of others, bringing into the world, Truth, Knowledge, Love, Joy, Purity and Beauty. This knowledge is not on paper so humans must go within for this knowledge or you will go without. This level of consciousness crosses over into the abyss or nothing and must be given by the grace of the master. Divine Love is a gift from God.

Seven Stations of the Spiritual Path

This process is a gradual revealing of ones ego and involves a partial annihilation of the ego when advancing from one state of consciousness to another while crossing the inner planes of ones consciousness. All Six planes are transitional phases in the journey on the spiritual path and must be directly experienced before reaching the seventh plane which is the end of the journey and the realization of Self/God.

    1. First Plane – The temporary loss of ones limited individuality with the experience of Bliss.
    2. Second Plane – The annihilation of the false absorbed in bliss and infinite light.
    3. Third Plane – The annihilation of the apparent – one loses all consciousness of the body and the world for days and experiences infinite power and has no need to express this power, a state of divine coma where consciousness is completely withdrawn from the entire world.
    4. Fourth Plane – The annihilation leading toward freedom, this plane is the most dangerous to cross. One experiences a peculiar state of consciousness and now only feels infinite power, but is definitely inclined to express these powers.
    5. Fifth Plane – The annihilation of all desires, lower intellect comes to a standstill, one doesn’t think in the ordinary way and yet is a source of many inspiring thoughts, seeing but not with physical eyes, mind speaks with mind without worry or doubt. You are now spiritually safe and beyond the possibility of a downfall, but many still think and believe they have come to the end of the spiritual path.
    6. Sixth Plane – The annihilation of the self lover in the beloved, Now God is seen directly and as clearly as the ordinary person sees the different things of this world. Continual Perception and enjoyment of God, but one doesn’t become one with God, the Infinite.
    7. Seventh Plane – The final annihilation of the self in God and loss of all separate existence. United in one with God with direct experience in being nothing but God. This is the end of the spiritual path, the goal of all searching and endeavor, the final destination. Full awakening to reality of the absolute Truth of who we are and why we exist


Stages of the Path

Understanding the stages of experiences one goes through in the Process of Involution of consciousness.

Spiritual Understanding can best be understood through the difference between Spirit and Matter. In understanding Matter we have material means, it has form and is understood through the mind or intellect with data that comes through all our senses.

Spirit is understood through the spirit itself it has no form. This highest understanding that the spirit enjoys is self knowledge without using any medium or instrument this is rare and difficult to attain. The Spirit should be understood through the heart not the mind.

The mind’s intellectual understanding of material things is derived from desires and cravings. If the mind tries to tackle spiritual problems it uses concepts invented for the understanding of material things. This is doomed to fail because all concepts of the mind of material things are inadequate for understanding the spirit. You might as well try to hear with your eyes, see through your ears or stand on your own shoulders. The mind tries to understand the spirit independent of the heart and uses information from the material world, so you look at the spirit as an object of the mind and it isn’t. The mind wants proofs and conclusions this is where science should walk hand in hand with spirit.

The heart values its intuition that is realized in the life of an individual while going through the diverse experiences of the world and all attention should be centered on arriving at spiritual understanding. The mind and heart of most people are in conflict which creates confusion. The heart feels the unity of life and fulfills it through a life of love, sacrifice and service, it gives instead of taking.

The spirit’s power manifests through intuitions of the inner life. You cannot love through the intellect. What you get through the mind is a theory of love, but not love itself. Mere intellect is obtained through study, descriptions and pictures and is information for the mind only it moves on the surface of life and gives the shadow not direct experience of reality.

All humans are seeking happiness, but few have it. Lasting happiness dawns when there is complete freedom from wants. Sit quietly without inwardly wanting anything and without going to sleep, it is very difficult to attain because life is mind driven. Only through tremendous spiritual activity and going beyond mind can you experience the spirit’s joy of non-wanting, Love and Happiness are the only important things in life.

The Spirit’s knowledge of inner realization is called spiritual understanding and comes through the heart not the mind. It is possible to have a practical life where there is harmony between mind and heart. The mind must surrender its role of judge and not question the nature of the universe and accept unquestioningly the dictates of the heart.

On the spiritual path all persons pass through a state of prison or the experience of being caged, if one is to appreciate true freedom. To experience spiritual bondage and to know intense desire to be free from it are both a preparation for the full enjoyment of the freedom that is yet to come. Use this saying in understanding bondage “A Fish Out Of Water”.


Hidden Conflicts

The sign of a real hidden conflict is the sense or feeling that ones whole heart & soul isn’t in the action or thought at that moment and that can radically narrow and restrict life. Psychology can reveal the source of conflict, but has no way of awakening the mind with something that makes life worth living. This is the task for a Spiritual Worker. A torchbearer for humanity which is encased in deep ignorance, bringing home the truth and unity of all life.