Who I Am

I am Pamela Ann Hope Deschene.

My Maiden name meaning is:

Pamela = All, All Sweetness and Virtue Rewarded
Ann = Gracious
Hope = Trust, Faith and The Lords Prayer = Thy Kingdom Come

My Married name meaning:

Deschene: DES = See, From, Here and Now
CHENE = Oak, Tree Soul Trees

Her Soul speaks without words, its core a solid foundation where eternal Hope resides in infinite love, for SHE never forgets HE who occupied her heart for so long.


This soul’s story will reveal that real transformation of consciousness occurs through direct personal experience. Upon the death of my husband Al Deschene on 10-4-99, I was now a single mother with the weight of the world on my shoulders and paying for a debt we never owed.

I closed the door to the senses, I went into silence. His death opened my eyes in an instant and penetrated into the essence of Nature and all beings giving me the perfect gift a living direct experience with spirits power and contact with the soul, the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the inner source of all that is. Death is not remotely what you think it is.

I awoke to see sacred scrolls, Masters, Saints and hear their message of deepest love and devotion, one heart, two gentle souls transcending all time and space a place where mind stops.

I was born in 1956 in Sault Saint Marie, Michigan, the oldest city in Michigan and the third oldest in the United States. The definition of Sault is “waterfall”. This is a peninsula surrounded by water on three sides. Energy and power through water is a constant throughout the Great Lakes. The channel called the St. Mary’s River is the outlet for the waters of Lake Superior. It is a land known for its minerals and trace minerals like copper and iron ore transferred into the water. This land belonged to the Native Americans — the Chippewa, Algonquin, Ojibway, Iroquois, & Souix, or as we pronounced it The Soo. While living on our farm, my childhood days were spent in nature’s quiet silence: seeing, listening, sitting Indian style under oak trees, in hay fields, wet muddy earth, soft and hard snow, climbing apple trees, catching fireflies, bumblebees, toads and frogs, picking wild flowers and pussy willows, playing with all the farm animals and playing and floating in beautiful clear fresh water of the great lakes, listening and playing music, gardening and unconditional human Love.

When asked to define oneself, humans claim a separate existence from others, such as the physical body and its condition, levels of society,physical and mental aptitude and abilities, finance and income, obligations, nationality, family, race, religion, male, female, and so on.

The answers to these questions are based solely upon the evidence of the senses, which are based in the gross, subtle and mental worlds of illusion.This is knowledge of ignorance the domain of duality which causes unending human suffering. This is obtained through the ego mind. Only through direct personal experience will one awaken to the reality of your true being and transcend all duality. To understand a sacred message requires intuitive intelligence, so it can be understood as to understand what you heard, seen and read in a clear, simple way.

My story will explain religion, reincarnation, impressions, karma, the gross, subtle, mental world and beyond.


Being aware of the flow of time in creation, the time has come to reveal Infinite knowledge. It was never meant to remain hidden from humanity. States of self realization have been the domain of saints, sages and masters.

We are now in a place and time where it is waking up in all humans. My service and task as a spiritual teacher, guide and natural healer is to integrate this awakening into the context of ordinary human life. The greatest challenge to individuals is to simply begin to understand and appreciate the natural processes of the mind. SHE/HE is the melting together of conscious and subconscious our true NATURE. You don’t have to rob your spirit or sell your soul to one side or the other. Union with infinite reality is one without a second.

I have come to share this message of deep importance and speak of my direct personal experience with both the visible and invisible which sustains all life, the inner transformation that penetrated and awakened that sacred being lying dormant within my spirit, the inner voice from the deepest part of my soul.

This is about the invisible world and is outside the world how and where it sacredly touches the living. You don’t need to be dead, but you will need to know the dead. I refer to it as to “die before you die”. To know the truth, love, purity and beauty in all. The Power of a sacred message will be of service to each individual living a life of drama, mental chaos, confusion and worry about past, present and future, to awaken to direct perception from the center of the earth to the Supreme Being the source of everything and nothing.