What is the true meaning of life and why are you here?


Life is beautifully going along, something happens–something that tore your world apart that you had been living, a trauma, a crisis, sudden death or immense loss. Time stood still; nothing felt the same yet you were still alive, trying to get your mind to understand. It could be that many losses happened at the same time.

You knew that your understanding of life would never be the same again, you couldn’t continue to comprehend your life the way it was.

You start asking questions and searching for answers.

Trying to cope with the tremendous change in your life, some help for making sense of your pain and suffering, to understand the truth and meaning of life.

From a very young age I had a remembrance and knowing that I had a gift, but this gift was an invisible presence and was alive within me. In moments of silent need an invisible presence of being awoke within to soften these moments of strife and remains a constant comfort, we are all one.

All centers opened and a reality beyond normal consciousness was entered, direct perception of self. Our life journey is to have direct experience with all centers of consciousness. Intellect by itself is insufficient to allow a person direct perception – it only provides boring, dry doctrines. The larger understanding with true and lasting values allows a person to have and become the living direct experience and to know the deepest truth.

Openminded understanding of the stages of the path must come before a new center of consciousness can be entered, which could be defined as super consciousness or divine love.

As centers of consciousness open, you will connect to the Sacred and stop splitting yourself in two. We experience healing through our pain and suffering, and find the hidden secrets that lay dormant within us all.

Journey through the centers of consciousness and clear away thoughts controlled by your ego. Understand as you journey through the centers of consciousness, you remain true to yourself, and stay grounded as you experience the Infinite and Finite, the deep journey within. This experience must first take place in Infinite consciousness (No Form) to bring into the Finite World (Form).

When going within, approach and respond with Humility, Reverence and Love. These are Sacred Realms and lead to Self Realization. What may not be true in the world of Mathematics, but which is something I have always known, the one great truth of life is that two can add up to one.