What I Do

A Spiritual Worker and Guide offering one-on-one personal sessions.

Awakened Consciousness Direct Experience with Spirit, Soul and Science

Gatherings upon request.

Spiritual Consulting: List of Services

    • Advising how to make your journey simpler with focus on what really matters.
    • Helping you find your own way, without creating more pain and suffering for yourself or others as you journey through life
    • Helping you to stop struggling against the natural flow of life so you reach conscious new levels of self-understanding.
    • Rendering Joy, not boredom, not prison, but freedom, the spontaneity of free give and take with a sense of humor and renewed fulfillment.
    • Dying & Death:
      • Spiritual Healer  & Awakened Soul in all levels of Consciousness
      • Experiencing the death of a Loved One/Ones (on a collective level also)
      • The Significance in a Death Experience
      • Disturbing Thoughts
      • Anger and Sadness
      • The Human Touch
      • Compassionate listening & helpful information
    • Conscious Ascending Services:
      • Healing work in the much avoided and feared field of death
      • Love & Care for Mental Suffering – Meditate, Contemplate & Concentrate
      • Dissolving the Nature of Ego – Gross, Subtle & Mental Worlds
      • Presence /Being
      • Nature and Healing
      • Guidance for Individuals one on one – Transformation of Human Consciousness
      • Compassionate Understanding, Communicating and Responding with Truth, Humor & Wisdom.

“Many are called, few are chosen” —Matthew 22:14

My purpose is to be of service as human consciousness transforms from lower consciousness to higher consciousness.

When you have those moments, you will be conscious of something so amazing, yet so frightening: the profound connection beyond religion.

I am here advising and helping you trust this TRANSFORMATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS, You are not insane. I am here to help transform the gaps of ignorance, so you can feel and live the unity of everything that exists.

“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and common sense.”


    • Consultations:
      Consultations are about awakening to who you truly are.  Growth and Balance are needed when walking in two worlds, from the world of illusion to the world of reality how two become one.  Guidance in life issues such as crisis, indecision, personal identity, relationships, finances, career direction, illness, dying and death and beyond. Wisdom & Understanding of Spirit & Soul. I have walked through many losses to the depth of my soul, collapsing into nothing, to awakening in an instant to self realization.  A Teacher who can guide you through the serious matters of spiritual transformation with humor and joy, move by small steps and one thing at a time.

        • Email Consultations  ( Email )
          Online email session, where you send me an inquiry and I respond in a stated time frame.
        • Personal Sessions
          Email me for an appointment or visit.
        • Speaking Engagements
          Available for spiritual talks and group communication at your spiritual events. By appointment.
    • Life Supporting Solutions I will guide you in:
      Teach and Heal on all levels of consciousness:
      Transcending the Gross World, Subtle World and Mental World;
      Contemplation, Concentration and Meditation;
      Using the power of words, speaking without harming their sacred quality;
      Listening through the heart;
      Bridging the gaps of ignorance;
      Ascended Relationship Teaching (the ability to love at the deepest level);
      Humor and spiritual transformation;
      Clearing — making life much more simple and comfortable;
      Teaching and guidance for those experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul and/or Kundalini opening.