Enlightened Spirit

Enlihgtened Spirit

I am the daughter of golfers, electricians, lawyers, housewives, English Royalty, veterans, comedians, businessmen, doctors, singers, adventurers, dreamers.

I have seen my fathers’ accomplishments and life goals fade away as he rummaged around in a box full of memories. His heart attack has taken away his life, but it can’t take away his Love for it.

I have heard my mothers’ prayers late at night to stop the suffering and pain in our hearts as our memories consume us, my mother gets lonelier everyday when she comes home from work and knows he won’t be there to comfort and meet her.

Dad was a very funny man he could always put a smile on your face even at the lowest saddest time. He always told me the day his life began was the day he married my mom and when she had me.

Pride and joy of two gentle souls, proud blood of France, England and Ireland one hundred years of knowledge and technology.

Aubrey Deschene 1999