To Allay Sorrow or Grief…

A Natural Healer & Teacher, a Consoler on all planes of consciousness with Love and Care for Human Mental Suffering, which comes from my direct personal experience in the Field of Death, consciously moving through intense suffering until reaching unconditional love.

No identity, names or labels, communicating in silence with what is inside, pure BEING. Existence where eternal truth resides. Death is not remotely what you think it is, we are all made of energy, all we do is change form.

In silence a significant past life was revealed with clear understanding of Immortality of the soul. Then in perfect remembrance, awareness and understanding to experience my spiritual self directly.

It is how deep into the silence I was willing to go that tells the story of who I am and why I am here. I am able to share the hidden knowledge, and secrets of Ascending and Descending Consciousness, then let each person choose what she or he can handle.

Ascension is simple and effortless.

There is only safety in Great-Teaching for the Good in All.