Why this Site

I created this site to tell a story of life personally mine while we are in the world of form. My aim is for you to explore this message I bring in a simple and clear way that you can absorb the message fully.

Revealing direct experience with ourselves as spirit and soul the formless. Inner work requires our attention to be present, move by small steps and one thing at a time. There are things so great INSIDE us needing to be understood. Life is our journey to the depth of our soul transforming as we grow. Open your heart & mind this will be a return to your True Self.

The deeper emphasis is on experiencing the Divine, experiencing your spiritual self, directly. The teachings are not merely intellectual; you will not be playing in shallow water but delving into deep religion/spirit/soul.

When Guardians of this Knowledge want to dispense the ancient teachings, they do so. They don’t care about lineage or who is famous, or has a pedigree. They care about the use of the teachings to express & release Truth & Love the inner essence of all beings for the guidance & benefit of humanity.

Your own genetic memory will lead you to the teachings you need. What you learn will then lead you to fulfilling whatever task, mission or destiny the Divine has set you on this planet for. If you are here, you are supposed to be. It’s usually that simple. The Guides will take it to any open enough to receive such a Message.
“Many are called, few are chosen,” Matthew 22: 14